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What Can Cannabis Do for You?



Hi!!  I'm Kristin Mulé and I'm a Cannabis Wellness Coach.  I teach people how to use cannabis effectively to help with their health challenges (migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, etc.) so they can live a healthier, happier life.  Integrating cannabis has completely enhanced my health and I help others experience the same. 

I teach a whole-plant medicine approach to help you get your body back into balance while empowering you to be in control of your medicine. 

Here's to living your BEST life!

Image by Shelby Ireland
Image by Add Weed

"Even though I was working closely with my doctors, some of my M.S. (multiple sclerosis) symptoms were still out of control.  Kristin took the time to really understand my needs and then guided me to a protocol using CBD and CBG tinctures in micro-doses.  As a result, I have much fewer muscle spasms and am sleeping much better than before."

-Nadene K., Colorado

Image by davide ragusa

"In my first meeting with Kristin, we talked about the issues that I would like to work on and try to improve.  My goals were better sleep, more energy and decrease of pain in my legs. Through trial and error, we established a protocol with THC and CBD.  We then added CBG and that was a game changer. I am happier, I sleep better and the pain in my legs is drastically reduced. My experience with Kristin was fabulous. Everything I learned will be with me for life."

-Renee R., New York

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