I have had the pleasure of working with some WONDERFUL suppliers whom I have vetted and trust. Their product is top-notch and I want to share these resources with you! Check below for links and coupon codes.

Ardent Cannabis (LINK)

Your place for the all-in-one cannabis kitchen device!!

Discount code:  releaf30 for $30 off


Sacred Smoke Herbals (LINK)

A woman-owned shop selling high-quality CBD & CBG flower and other products as well as other plant-spirit offerings.

Discount code:  releaf15 for 15% off


Sopris Health and Wellness  (LINK)

A professional wellness company selling high-quality CBD products and botanical blends.

15% Discount Applied When using Link Above

**By purchasing through Integrative reLEAF, it may earn us a small affiliate commission.  Thank you for supporting cannabis education and our work here at Integrative reLEAF by purchasing through our links**

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