Wellness Coaching


1 hr. Discovery Session (which will include a Custom Cannabis Protocol and 3 weeks of unlimited email follow up)

$222 (cost can be used towards the price of the New LEAF 12 week Transformation)

In the Discovery Session we will thoroughly discuss what is going on with your health and what you are desiring to accomplish.  Following the call, I will prepare your Custom Cannabis Protocol which will include dosing and strain recommendations as well as 4 weeks of email support.


New LEAF 12 Week Transformation


Includes your Custom Cannabis Protocol, weekly 60 minute coaching sessions utilizing health and wellness tools to not only elevate your health, but to provide “reLEAF” from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia, to peri & menopausal symptoms.

We will celebrate your accomplishments, work through challenges, introduce new information, and dive deep into topics like goal setting, mindful eating, movement and mindset.  

As your vision holder, I will work with you to take steps towards feeling amazing in your body, be free of pain and feel energized while holding space for you to make it happen!!


Additional Services 

Beyond “reLEAF” Membership - So your New LEAF program is over…now what?  We can continue where we left off and work on more goals and desired outcomes and have accountability check-ins!! 

$147 Monthly Membership - (2) 45-minute Zoom sessions per month and unlimited email support.

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